Double cleansing method: my favorite cleansing oil

Why double cleanse?
picture credit to: Soko Glam

Orang lain dah lama buat double cleansing, kita baru nak try buat hehe
Takpelah, better late then never kan
Umoq makin meningkat tu kena jaga betul-betul kulit ni

So, from someone that never tried double cleanse; I've already bought three cleansing oils. Haha

1. MUJI Oil Cleansing 50ml (RM17.90)
2. Biore Cleansing Oil 150ml (RM24.90)
3. SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 230ml (RM32.90)

Bear in mind, lain kulit lain la dia punya reaction and penerimaan dekat muka. My skin type is DRY SKIN. Tapi takdelah very drying. My skin tend to be so drying kalau kurang minum air or tak pakai moisturizer je.

Okay lets go through one by one

1. MUJI Oil Cleansing 50ml

Among all three, I kind of like this one the most. It doesn't have scent (except the oily scent), leaves my face feels clean and doesn't make my face dry. But I think this is the most expensive compared to Biore and SENKA. I'll rate this one 4.5/5

2. Biore Cleansing Oil 150ml

This one have bau like wangi-wangi gitu. I don't like it sbb bau macam obvious and strong but I don't hate it. Also doesn't leave my skin dry and quite affordable.4 out of 5 stars.

3. SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 230ml 

This one also got bau wangi but bearable than Biore. BUT THIS LEAVES MY SKIN DRY :(
Been using this for three times and it leaves my skin dry and create patches eventho I moisturize after cuci muka. I'm so sad because I kinda like this oil but it's okay maybe I have to give it a go few times lepas ni. My rate for right now 3/5 stars only.

Oh btw, got my THE ORDINARY NIACINAMIDE 10% + ZINC 1% already!! So excited to try it on my skin.

Overall, I would recommend people with dry skin to try MUJI Oil Cleanser, but since this one ada jual dekat MUJI stores which is only available in KL only, I guess I would suggest BIORE Cleansing Oil.

Okay thanks for reading!

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