// Fourteen

January will always be my least-fav-month-of-all-year.

Nenek admitted to hospital and undergo surgery
And some not-to-sweet-memory in January last year

But hey. Let's move on :)


// Thirteen

Happiest day in 2014;

My graduation day, yay!

// Twelve

My 2014 be like ;

1. Alhamdulillah, I'm officially graduated from USM
2. Been working at Daiso for three months
3. Having a boyfriend :p
4. Gain weight. Sigh
5. Still wearing my braces

andd the list goes on. Till then, may we have a better year ahead.


// Eleven

Oh.. It's been a while.

Hello 2015 :)


"It's stupid how we forgive someone just because we don't want to lose them, even when they don't deserve it."

Not so happy new year

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