Not so happy new year



2018 has been one of my craziest year that I've been through (yet)

I got a job, I graduated, I resigned from my job, still searching for a job (SOMEONE PLS HIRE ME PLEASE) and been in love with the same person since 4 years ago :)

But alhamdulillah, things happen for a reason right? It helps us grow. I seriously have A LOT to write. Been drafting so many posts in my mind but yknow don't have time and motivation I guess?

So, I have manage to complete at least 3 out 4 my 2018 resolutions! YAY ME

1. Lost 4kg yayyyy. And managed to at least jogging 4 times a month haha
2. Got a JOB but already resigned but I guess still can cross this one right?
3. Not so many books that I've read but okay laaa can laa

Although I didn't manage to write post earlier this year but I hope I can rock this year out. Anyway I'm still working on my 2019 resolutions (God it's already 15 JANUARY, Syafiqah)

Thill then, xx


2018 Resolutions

Assalamualaikum and Happy New Year everyone!

I can't believe that I managed to write something in the very first page of new year. Yayy me
Anyhooo alhamdulillah for 2017, certainly not a great year for me but I managed to completed two out of three my 2017 resolutions :D

Sooooooooooooo, tarikh keramat for this beginning of new year would be 10 JAN 2018
which is viva voce date. Peeps please please please pray for me

I failed to achieve my azam 2017 - nak KURUS.
Pastu, dah lah fail boleh pulak berat naik 3 kg T_T

So, for 2018 I wished to:

1. Live healthily, stay fit and try to eat clean :p
2. To take care of my skin
3. Get a freaking JOB!
4. To read more books (hopefully)

What's yours? Lets rock this year,guys!


Top 10 Favorite TV Series (2017)

Hi, hello! I am so in the mood to talk something that I looove. Binge watching series! Haha. Apparently, I'm the one yang binge satu or dua series terus rather than watch it every week (who's with me?!)

I'd watched any genre as long as it can get me entertained (waitttt horror genre pun boleh entertain orang ke? haha). Actually I have more than ten, but sekarang kita cerita pasal top 10 jela noh. So here goes my list...

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2014 -)

Main character: Detective Jake Peralta, played Andy Samberg. Super loooove this one because each character got their own hilarious personality!

Spoiler alert: Every season has an episode of them playing Halloween heist and THE BEST HEIST was in season 5! (my personal fav episode of all time)

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (1994 - 2004)


Taktau nak explain macam mana but you guys have to watch this if you haven't.

3. How I Met your Mother (2004 - 2014)

Personally I think,HIMYM is a dupe of F.R.I.E.N.D.S hahaha. No offense but I love 'em both
But the main difference was the member of the group, F.R.I.E.N.D.S got 6 members while HIMYM got only five. But both of them got almost similar character e.g. Barney vs Chandler

4. New Girl (2011 - )

Stories about a girl, that recently break up with her boyfriend and searching for a place to live. Her new roommates was three guys and one them fall in love with her the moments he saw her (ooops spoiler alert)

5. Stranger Things (2016 - )

Still airing for two seasons, rumored to have the third season. Binge watched this for only three days hahaha. It was super gooooooood and those kids is sooooo adorable

The kind of series that will leave you cliffhanger after every ending

6. Gossip Girl (2007 - 2012)

Complicated and full of drama. But I still like it. I stayed because of Serena van der Woodsen (honestly who doesn't love Blake Lively?!)

7. The Big Bang Theory (2010 - )

To be honest, I forced myself to watch this show. Didn't like em much when I watch the first three episodes. But it got me after that. Bazinga!

8. American Horror Story (2011 -)

The only horror genre that I watch and enjoyed. Watched this because of Evan Peters :p
Each seasons has different storyline but most actor and actress are the same

Season 1: Murder House
Season 2: Asylum
Season 3: Coven
Season 4: Freak Show
Season 5:Hotel
Season 6: Roanoke
Season 7: Cult

Personal fav: Season 1,3,6 and 7

9. Game of Thrones (2011 - )

If you're below 18, pls don't watch this :p

Currently on season 7, but season 8 took forever to aired! I love all the houses, their sigil and honestly Jon Snow is real bae.

10. Young Sheldon (2017 - )

If you're watching TBBT, you got to layan this as well.
You'll get to know that Sheldon Cooper is very annoying since birth.Hahaha


Double cleansing method: my favorite cleansing oil

Why double cleanse?
picture credit to: Soko Glam

Orang lain dah lama buat double cleansing, kita baru nak try buat hehe
Takpelah, better late then never kan
Umoq makin meningkat tu kena jaga betul-betul kulit ni

So, from someone that never tried double cleanse; I've already bought three cleansing oils. Haha

1. MUJI Oil Cleansing 50ml (RM17.90)
2. Biore Cleansing Oil 150ml (RM24.90)
3. SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 230ml (RM32.90)

Bear in mind, lain kulit lain la dia punya reaction and penerimaan dekat muka. My skin type is DRY SKIN. Tapi takdelah very drying. My skin tend to be so drying kalau kurang minum air or tak pakai moisturizer je.

Okay lets go through one by one

1. MUJI Oil Cleansing 50ml

Among all three, I kind of like this one the most. It doesn't have scent (except the oily scent), leaves my face feels clean and doesn't make my face dry. But I think this is the most expensive compared to Biore and SENKA. I'll rate this one 4.5/5

2. Biore Cleansing Oil 150ml

This one have bau like wangi-wangi gitu. I don't like it sbb bau macam obvious and strong but I don't hate it. Also doesn't leave my skin dry and quite affordable.4 out of 5 stars.

3. SENKA Perfect Watery Oil 230ml 

This one also got bau wangi but bearable than Biore. BUT THIS LEAVES MY SKIN DRY :(
Been using this for three times and it leaves my skin dry and create patches eventho I moisturize after cuci muka. I'm so sad because I kinda like this oil but it's okay maybe I have to give it a go few times lepas ni. My rate for right now 3/5 stars only.

Oh btw, got my THE ORDINARY NIACINAMIDE 10% + ZINC 1% already!! So excited to try it on my skin.

Overall, I would recommend people with dry skin to try MUJI Oil Cleanser, but since this one ada jual dekat MUJI stores which is only available in KL only, I guess I would suggest BIORE Cleansing Oil.

Okay thanks for reading!




My first waarna shawl was purchased on JULY 2016. I wore it with my wadiadra kurong for my first eid ootd. The shawl price was very reasonable - RM35.00.



The second item bought was from WAARNARAYA 2017 collection. The price of the shawl is RM45.00. The shawl was made from high quality satin silk with beautiful yet exclusive design. I am so in love!


The plain eyelash Waarna shawl is from their latest collection. So far the have both square (1.14m x 1.14m) and long shawl (1.80m x 0.7m), both with same price, RM30.00 and comes from ten different colours; bold and pastel range. I've already bought three colours from them ;)



  • Very cheap and reasonable
  • High quality matte satin silk
  • Gorgeous charm
  • Easy to shape and handle even tough I'm wearing spectacles



Pssst and right now they're having ONLINE SALE from 27th NOV until 29 NOV 2017!
Go check em out now HERE :)

website: https://waarna.com.my/new/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/waarnaofficial/
Instagram: @waarna


Do I like wearing my retainer?

Sunday will always be my favorite day (hari bermalas-malasan)

Random update:

  1. Can someone please remind me not to drink coffee? Lepas minum mesti mengantuk and 3 hours later confirm terkebil-kebil takleh tidur
  2. Malas betul pakai retainer ni. Tak sabar nak tunggu NOVEMBER 2018

Haaa hat ni la kena pakai setiap malam
Okay actually kena pakai at least 10 hours EVERYDAY. Tapi biasalah, pemalas kan...


The ordinary skincare hype

Selama ni asyik nak bazir duit beli make up but honestly I don't even like wearing makeup. Not that I'm confident without makeup haha, but I don't know how to wear it nicely/right/and muka sama je makeup tak makeup pun (?).

Yelah, umur makin meningkat naik. Kena lah start jaga muka elok elok

TAPI PALING MALAS PAKAI SUNBLOCK! Padahal benda tu la penting. Sia-sia je pakai skincare kalau tak pakai SUNBLOCK.

So my wishlist for skincare right now:

1. The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum 

2.MUJI High Moisturizing Milk

3. OIL Cleanser (tapi tengah cari yang best dan MURAH). 
Setakat ni mungkin SENKA/MUJI. Sebab Hada Labo mahai ngat

4.COSRX Sunscreen 
(sekarang tengah pakai Nano White tapi saja nak try benda baru)
Oh sebabnya nak try buat double cleansing method thus I need OIL cleanser ASAP. Beriya search review bagai ya Allah bagusnya kalau masa tulis thesis bersungguh camni cari info hahaha

Nape tah tetiba tulis blog balik. Tapi kejap je ni. Bulan depan mesti dah lupa tengok blog semula. OKbye.


2017 update - BRACES OFF

1. dah cabut braces YAYYY (September 2017)
2. PALING PENTING DAH SUBMIT THESIS - delay tiga bulan (November 2017)
3. belum kurus sobs



Assalamualaikum and hi!

Dah masuk minggu ketiga tahun 2017, dan azam 2016 untuk tulis dalam blog masih terkubur begitu sahaja hua hua. Sekarang tengah busy, busy berperang dengan diri untuk cepat cepat siapkan thesis. Malas, malas sangat nak writing. Tuhan je yang tahu betapa malasnya Syafiqah...

Anyway.. tahun ni Syafiqah dah masuk umur 25. Time flies kan? Kawan kawan dah ramai yang kahwin and beranak pinak. And then, here I am masih terkapai kapai nak habiskan master. Haha cerita pasal kahwin, nantilah.. Bukan first priority pun sekaranggg

So, dalam tahun 2017 ni aku harap aku akan:

1. tanggal braces yang dah lima tahun pakai
2. siapkan hantar thesis by hook or by crook sebelum OGOS 2017!!!
3. kurus (ok kurus ni azam sejak kecil. Taknak kurus la, nak sihat dan fit je)

okay dah bye nak siapkan thesis,


Achievement (s)

1. Dah habis counting my foraminifera (yay me)
2. MILO Breakfast Run! Dulu kemain liat masuk merentas desa
3. Going to China (attending a workshop, not holiday zzz) ALL BY MYSELF


Wishlist and Hogwarts

You know, there's a lot of thingssssss being on my wishlist now. And unfortunately, it is only me myself that can made of all my wishlist coming true. But, it would be a huge bonus for me if and only if someone wants to help me fulfilling it ;)

My current wishlist(randomly sorted):

  1. A longchamp neo bag, medium size, Preferably black or beige in color
  3. Fossil's iPhone cover
  4. Harry Potter and the cursed child's book

Not so happy new year

Helllllllllllllloooooooo ONE WHOLE YEAR. ONE FREAKIN YEAR I DIDN'T MANAGE TO WRITE A SINGLE POST! Haha 2018 has been one of my c...